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Our Product

AIMSPRO® is a potent, natural, biological therapy developed by Daval International. AIMSPRO® has the proven capacity to switch off damaging pro-inflammatory processes at the molecular level. It has also demonstrated an ability to regulate the immune system and has been used to positive effect in a broad range of diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease and Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

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Safety and Efficacy

Since 2005, AIMSPRO has been regulated in the UK as a Special medication under MHRA Guidance note 14. This enables GPs to prescribe the treatment on a named patient basis. Over the past eleven years, AIMSPRO has demonstrated positive results in thousands of patients. In clinical trials as well as in more than 150,000 private patient applications, AIMSPRO has never elicited any serious adverse events.

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Alzheimer's Disease

AIMSPRO has demonstrated the capacity to help those suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease. Case studies of patients receiving AIMSPRO showed stabilization of cognition scores in some individuals. In other cases, actual symptomatic reversal trends have been observed. All Alzheimer Disease patients receiving AIMSPRO have demonstrated measurable benefits.

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About Us

At Daval International, we believe that, in AIMSPRO, we may have the next efficacious Alzheimer's disease medication which has a decade-long proven safety record in human patients.


AIMSPRO is a potent anti-inflammatory, natural, biological therapy developed by Daval International Limited that has the proven capacity to reduce inflammation.

Case Studies

Daval International have carried out series of Case Studies to determine safety and efficacy of AIMSPRO® in multiple indications.