About Us


DAVAL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a UK-based biotechnology company formed in 2000 and focused on the development and delivery of a novel and distinctive treatments for serious unmet medical conditions. Daval’s therapeutic, AIMSPRO, is a potent anti-inflammatory biological product that has the proven capacity to switch off damaging pro-inflammatory processes at the molecular level, thus allowing the injured site to repair itself.

In human studies with Alzheimer's patients, AIMSPRO has stabilised the scores in some patients and in other cases, actual reversal trends were observed.

Regulation and Approvals

In 2005, AIMSPRO was approved by the MHRA, as a “Special” treatment in the U.K. This allows the medication to be prescribed by UK doctors on a named patient basis for ‘unmet medical needs’. Regular orders have also been received by Daval from NHS hospitals prescribing the treatment for their patients.

AIMSPRO is also available in Australia under Categories A and B of the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Special Access Scheme and has been granted Orphan Drug designation for the treatment of ALS in the U.S. and Australia.

Daval International was accepted as a member of the UK’s Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) in December 2007 and adheres to the APBI's Code of Practice.

Intellectual Property

Over 100 patents have been granted for AIMSPRO in human treatment focusing particularly on inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

  • AIMSPRO has a robust patent position, comprised of some 100 granted patents with further patent applications in process.
  • The human medical conditions are principally those that are inflammatory, neuro-degenerative or immune-response related. These conditions include a number of potential ‘block-buster’ diseases.
  • The patent jurisdictions covered are the major European Union countries, Australia and New Zealand, and the USA and Canada. In Europe, for reasons of cost and company resources, patents have only been pursued or maintained in selected EU countries.
  • There has been no significant third party patent challenge in any of these countries.

Board of Directors and Management