Overview of AIMSPRO®

AIMSPRO® is a biological product that is manufactured and processed using a unique specification derived from a caprine hyper-immune serum source. AIMSPRO has now completed two “proof of concept” stage clinical development trials.

AIMSPRO production complies with all of the relevant regulatory authority and industry standards. AIMSPRO is administered subcutaneously and is under investigation to evaluate whether it can provide a treatment for a variety of neurodegenerative, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. AIMSPRO has been administered to patients with a range of conditions.

Another key property of AIMSPRO is its capacity to modulate inflammatory responses either independently or in concert with other components. AIMSPRO may therefore be able to confer a greater therapeutic advantage over existing strategies.

This capacity for diverse molecular functioning may explain AIMSPRO’s clinical efficacy in a number differing conditions. AIMSPRO has been shown in laboratory and in human clinical studies to modulate the patients’ own Hypothalamic‐Pituitary‐Adrenal (HPA) axis in a variety of disease states by means of several of its components.

The scientific rationale for the use of AIMSPRO in inflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions is based upon the observations and experimentation that shows biological activity relevant to the pathophysiology of the underlying diseases and secondarily improved clinical and patient outcomes.

AIMSPRO contains several candidate molecules including polyclonal antibodies, small polypeptides and cytokines. Because AIMSPRO appears to function through several mechanisms of action, one of which includes significant anti‐ inflammatory properties, the medication can be considered for use in the treatment of various severe forms of acute and chronic neuro‐degenerative, rheumatologic and cutaneous diseases.

AIMSPRO as a Special Medication


Since 2005, AIMSPRO has been regulated in the UK as a Special medication under MHRA Guidance note 14. This enables GPs to prescribe the treatment on a named patient basis. Over the past eleven years, AIMSPRO has demonstrated positive results in thousands of patients.